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This article contains frequently asked questions about BendBroadband Mail.


I forgot my email password. How do I reset it?

Visit the Reset Email Password support page to reset your email password.

What is BendBroadband Mail?

BendBroadband Mail is our webmail product. With BendBroadband Mail, you can check your mail from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Plus, you get 15 GB of storage space per account and access to many of the same features you have with Outlook or Mac Mail, such as an out of office/vacation assistant and calendar.

How do I access email on MyBendBroadband.com?

Go to mybendbroadband.com. In the upper right corner click Log In. On the login page, enter your email User ID and Password and click Log In. Once in your inbox, you can view your messages by clicking on the subject of the message.

Where can I learn to use my BendBroadband Mail features?

The support section of bendbroadband.com has many articles with information on using our webmail. Also, once you're logged into webmail, you can click Help (at the top right of your screen) for more information on webmail's functions and settings.

What is SPAM?

Spam is a common term for junk email or unsolicited emails.

What steps does BendBroadband take to minimize the impact of Spam?

BendBroadband Mail uses an automated tool that monitors all email traffic. This solution intelligently examines the content in email messages for blended threats (threats that contain both email and web elements) by examining the sender's reputation, the URL link in the message and many other parameters that verify the integrity of the message. In this way the solution aids forward-thinking Internet service providers like BendBroadband in protecting users from connecting to malware sites and potentially downloading Trojans at the network perimeter, well before the threat reaches the user desktop.

How can I set up my mail filters to keep spam from my inbox?

Once items are marked as potential spam, customers may use the spam filtering feature in BendBroadband Mail or other email applications to send emails flagged as "SPAM" or "Junk" to the Trash or another appropriate folder.

Setting up a filter in BendBroadband Mail is easy. For a guide on how to set up your mail filters, click on the help icon at the top right of Webmail. If you are retrieving emails from your bendcable.com or bendbroadband.com account using Outlook or another email application, you should use the mail filter tools provided within that email program to handle any emails marked as spam by the BendBroadband email filter.

I'm not receiving emails. Could they be marked as junk?

Occasionally legitimate mail will be flagged as junk and sometimes emails that are spam will not be flagged. To check if emails are not being sent to your inbox you can click on the Junk folder in your Webmail inbox. Additionally, you can click on SPAM settings on the bottom left of Webmail to change your settings. It is recommended to choose Low if you don't want email blocked. The Low setting will simply move suspect email into the Junk folder; it is possible with Medium or High that email would be blocked and not filtered to your Junk folder.

Where does all the spam come from?

Some spammers are actually our own customers who may not be aware that their computer is being used to traffic spam. Spammers often search for computers that do not have firewalls or router hardware security protection. The spammers then create small applications called "spam bots" that can be installed on a high-speed Internet user's computer without their knowledge. These spam bots are used to generate millions of spam messages and can cause significant delays in email delivery times for all customers. If you are concerned you may be a victim of a spam bot, our Remote PC Support team can help.

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