Setup a list of Favorite Channels on the i-Guide


This article provides instructions on how to setup a list of favorite channels on the i-Guide.


The Favorites feature in i-Guide allows you to quickly access only those channels that you have designated as your Favorites.

To add channels to your Favorites listings:

  1.     Select Setup from the Main Menu
  2.     Select Favorites Setup
  3.     Highlight a channel and press OK - an indicator will appear next to the listing, designating it as a Favorite.

To remove a channel from your Favorites, highlight it in Favorites Setup and press OK. The indicator disappears and the channel will no longer be designated as a Favorite.

Select Favorites from the Main Menu or from the Quick Menu to see a list of your Favorite channels.

While you are in TV Listings, press the FAV button on your remote to move the highlight to your next favorite channel.

While watching TV, press FAV to quickly tune to your favorites.

TV Guide Main Menu Screenshot

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