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This article provides information on how to setup the Home Network with your Alpha.


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Home Network allows you to stream media from your computer to your Alpha Media Player. Because Home Network is DLNA ®-based, it is completely plug and play; if your computer is connected to your home network and has a DLNA server, you should automatically see that computer listed in the Home Network category of the main menu.

To make sure that Home Network will function properly, make sure that:

  • Your computer is set up to share content according to your server's instructions
  • Your server software is not blocked by a Firewall

DLNA Servers

Although any DLNA server will work with Home Network, the following DLNA servers have been fully tested with your Alpha Media Player:

  • Windows Media Connect
  • TVersity Media Server
  • TwonkyMedia Manager
  • Media Mall PlayOn
  Operating System Support Included TV Streams (1) Audio (2) Streaming Video (3) Photos (4) iTunes Media Support Usage Overview
Windows Media Connect Windows logo N/A Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark Red X

Already installed on any Windows based PC. Users can access audio, video, and photos.


TVersity Windows logo YouTube, Hulu, BBC, CBS, NBC, the WB, ESPN, NFL, Comedy Central, Discovery, plus others. Green checkmark Green checkmark Red X Green checkmark

Free program that offers iTunes support and provides access to shows from many popular networks.


Twonky Windows logoMacintosh logoLinux logo YouTube Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark Green checkmark Works with Windows, MAC, and Linux operating systems.

(1) - Provides direct access to TV shows from many popular networks and streaming music from Pandora.
(2) - Examples include MP3, WMA, ACC(unprotected files), and LPCM file types.
(3) - Examples include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and WMV file types
(4) - Examples include JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG file types.

Getting Started

Alpha screen with focus on Home Network option

When you first bring the Home Network card into focus, you'll see all of your connected computers. If one isn't showing up, select Search for Media Servers and choose Search. If connected properly, any new computers will then appear.

You'll also see the My Content card, which contains subfolders of My Music, My Photos, and My Videos, shortcut folders that allow you to add content from your computer for easy access.

Playing Media

Alpha screen with PlayOn folder selected
  • To access your content, choose the computer that interests you, and press OK.
  • To open a folder of content, press OK.
  • If you have an individual file selected that you would like to play, press OK.

If you have a folder selected, and you would like to view a list of options for the content of that folder, press INFO.

Supported Files

  • Photo: JPEG, GIF*, BMP* and PNG* files
  • Music: MP3, WMA, and AAC (unprotected files), and LPCM files
  • Video: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, and WMV files

*These file types are available through DLNA® servers that support transcoding.

Shortcut Folders

Alpha screen showing shortcut folders

For easy access, you can add content to the shortcut folders. If you press INFO with a folder selected, you'll then choose between “add folder to my music”, “add folder to my photos”, and “add folder to my videos.” The folder of content will then appear in the relevant shortcut folder, and if you've chosen music or photos, it will appear in that category as well.

Player Controls

Alpha player controls

Once you are enjoying a piece of media, the following player controls can be used:


  • PLAY
  • BACK
  • NEXT
  • SKIP
  • STOP


  • PLAY
  • STOP
  • BACK
  • NEXT


  • PLAY
  • STOP

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