Commercial Audio - Why is it so loud?

BendBroadband's sister company, Zolo, sells and inserts commercials on 27 of the over 200 channels offered by BendBroadband including CBS station KBNZ which is owned by Zolo. In 2009 we purchased software which automatically balances the volume on the ads inserted by Zolo on these channels so that it is consistent with the volume of programming on the channel. In so doing, BendBroadband meets the FCC's commercial volume standards.

However, while we're doing our part, most of the ads that you see on cable networks are national ads which are inserted by the Network (not by Zolo). BendBroadband is not able to control the volume on any of the ads inserted by the national Networks. We are also not able to or responsible for controlling the commercial volume on ads that are present on any of the other local broadcast stations (these are KTVZ, KOHD, CW or FOX). It is however our responsibility, as well as that of our customers, to hold the cable and broadcast networks accountable for ensuring the appropriate volume on their commercials. If you believe that the volume of commercials on a given channel is noticeably louder than the programming, please let us know. In doing so, please make note of the channel, time of day and whether the problem is a chronic or one time situation. We will review and, if we feel it is outside of FCC standards, will pass it on to the appropriate network representative.

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