Digital TV FAQs

Digital Programming

Why is ____________ channel not offered?

BendBroadband strives to represent the broadest selection of programming and therefore we take every channel request very seriously. When we have the opportunity to add to our channel line-up, we make considerations based first and foremost, on customer demand.

Why don't you offer premium sports pay-per-view content like ESPN GamePlan, NHL Center Ice, or NASCAR In Car?

BendBroadband strives to represent the broadest selection of programming and therefore we take every programming request very seriously. When we have the opportunity to add new programming, we make considerations based first and foremost, on customer demand.

We currently do not offer any premium PPV content however, we are considering the addition of this pay-per-view option for our digital cable customers assuming there is enough customer demand. Please be aware that we currently offer 3 Fox College Sports channels in our digital Sports Tier (Atlantic , Central, and Pacific). These 3 digital networks offer college football and basketball games from the Big East, Big 10, ACC, Big 12, MAC and other college conferences that do not get much coverage out here on the West Coast. Hopefully some of your favorite teams are covered on those networks and that may be a viable option for you right now or until we have actually had the chance to get the necessary equipment needed for ESPN GamePlan.

VERSUS (ch 27) and Comcast SportsNet in our Preferred Package also carry NHL games.

Another alternative to consider in the meantime is GamePlan's online option. ESPN GamePlan Online provides excellent video quality and on-demand features directly to your computer and this may help you to get the games you desire. You can learn more about this online option at the ESPN website.

I find commercials like "Girls Gone Wild" (or other programming) offensive. Why do you air these?

Please be aware that BendBroadband does not have any say in what a programmer elects to show on one of their channels, nor do we control the signal that we receive from the programmer. BendBroadband is not allowed to block programming, no matter how questionable it may seem to individual viewers. However, if you prefer to block selected channels or "adult rated" programming material within your household, there are several methods that can be used. Information on these methods can be found on our website, or by calling one of our customer care representatives. Our goal is to provide both choice and control to our customers, based on their individual viewing preferences and within the limits of available technology.

Regarding the "Girls Gone Wild" long form commercial, one could certainly lodge a formal complaint with the programmer or ownership group of that particular channel. In addition, you may also choose to contact the FCC. Because infomercials are not rated, current blocking technology is not effective in this case.

Contact Information:

Federal Communications Commission

445 12th Street , SW

Washington , DC 20554

How can I find out what's on TV?

When it comes to programming information you'll be happy to know that you have plenty of options. Our two choices of digital cable interactive programming guides offer up to 2 weeks of programming information for all of our digital cable customers.

There are also a number of fantastic Internet sources for programming information including the two options listed below:

  1. TV Guide offers a personalized TV listing on their website:
  2. As does

Generally speaking, to set-up TV listings like this on your home computer, all you need to do is to enter your ZIP code so that the website knows that you live within the service area of BendBroadband.

Where can I learn more about Parental Control features?

BendBroadband is committed to providing family-friendly programming. We offer a wide array of programming choices. Additionally, if you subscribe to our digital service your set-top box has the ultimate in parental control features. For more information click here.

Video On Demand

Why did you choose to include SVOD for all premium multiplex subscribers doesn't this drive up the cost of the premium multiplex channel packages?

Other cable systems have found that premium SVOD is extremely popular with their HBO, Cinemax and Showtime customers and we have had numerous requests to add premium SVOD content. We considered offering this SVOD content a la carte, but this would have raised the price considerably. By offering this as part of the package to all premium subscribers, we were able to minimize our cost and pass this savings on to our premium channel subscribers.


Can I watch recorded programming through Moxi RDVR on my PC?

No, this interface allow customers to set and modify recordings and to interact with the DVR.

If I don't have BendBroadband email, can I use remote Moxi scheduling?

No, a BendBroadband Internet account and email address is required.

Why does Moxi's remote scheduling feature show my online recording as a 2-day recording?

The default setting is two days, which means the program is eligible for deletion after two days, but not actually deleted until space is needed for new recordings. From the Moxi at your home, you can choose to keep the program protected until space is needed, up to four days, or until you delete it manually.

I have more questions about Moxi. Where should I go?

The Moxi Quick Reference Guide that you received in the "Welcome to BendBroadband" magazine during installation includes many helpful tips and FAQs. You can also refer to the Moxi Viewers Guide website at the following address: MOXI Viewers Guide

I have a Moxi box that has stopped functioning - what should I do?

Because a key part of the Moxi box is an internal Internet modem, you essentially need to treat it like you would your computer. If you have any issues with your Moxi simply try resetting or disconnecting the power on the box, waiting momentarily and then plugging the power back in. If this doesn't solve the problem, feel free to call our local tech support team at 541-382-5551.

Set-top Boxes

Should I purchase my set-top box instead of renting it?

Although BendBroadband allows subscribers to purchase set-top boxes we do not recommend this practice. This is mostly due to warranties and the fact that technology continues to progress at a rapid pace.

If you choose to purchase a set-top box, the breakeven point is often lengthy in terms of the rental cost. For example, our most basic set-top box rents for $1.95 a month. It sells for $85. The breakeven point on this box is 44 months or 3-1/2 years.

Also, if you purchase a box from BendBroadband, you are under either a short term warranty from BendBroadband (as is the case with the sale of a used Moxi box) or the manufacturer's warranty. If the box breaks or malfunctions and it is under a BendBroadband warranty, then we will replace or fix it. If you are under the manufacturer's warranty, it will be up to the manufacturer to fix or replace the box. BendBroadband will assist with any troubleshooting on boxes purchased from the company. If you purchase a set-top box from an outside vendor, we will do everything we can to assist you with troubleshooting, but we cannot guarantee a fix. The only store-purchased set-top boxes that will work with our services are the TiVo Series3 , TiVo HD, and Windows Vista Media Center Edition. Each of these devices are certified to work with a CableCARD.

Again, BendBroadband does not recommend purchasing set-top boxes. However, if you wish to purchase a set-top box please call for information on prices and warranties at 541-382-5551.

Why is there a message light on the front of my set-top box?

Messages may be sent occasionally to digital set-top boxes by BendBroadband to announce new services, system updates, or other information. When you have a Message, an envelope indicator will appear in the upper left corner on the Main Menu screen of the i-Guide interactive program guide and a red light will appear on your set-top box. From the Main Menu, select Digital Message. Highlight the desired Message and press OK to read it.

In the lower left corner of the Digital Message screen you'll see an X icon which enables you to delete the message and turn off the red light on the set-top box.

When you receive a message on a Moxi DVR, a green light will appear on the outside of your Moxi box.

To read a service message on a Moxi DVR box:

Press the Moxi button to open the Moxi Menu.

Scroll to the Service Message category.

Use the up or down arrows to select the message, and then press OK to open it.

Use the next and back buttons to page through the message.

Once you have read the message, you can choose to exit the message, mark it as unread, or delete it.

How can I transfer my DVR recordings to another form of media (such as my VCR, DVD, my Computer Hard Drive, my IPOD or other peripheral device)?

A DVR is designed to allow the video subscriber to record a broadcast for personal use at a later time. Such personal non-commercial copying of programs is generally permitted under applicable copyright laws. However, the copying or transfer of DVR recordings to other forms of media could violate federal copyright laws. For more information, specific questions regarding copyright protection for any transfers of content from a DVR is more appropriately directed to the copyright holders themselves.

BendBroadband is required by our programming contracts to ensure that our set-top boxes meet strict standards to prevent illegal duplication of copyrighted materials. Therefore, BendBroadband is not able to offer support involving copying or transferring of DVR recordings to other forms of media. While we will continue to fully support our DVR set-top boxes in accordance to the manufacturer's user guide, the transfer of DVR recordings to other media is outside the scope of our support services.


What does BendBroadband mean by free HD channels? Why are some channels free while others are not?

The free HD channels are available to customers who have an HDTV as well as an HD set-top box. We have a few HD boxes for you to choose from, please call customer care for details. Once you have both an HDTV and an HD set-top box you will have access to our free HD channels. These channels are HD simulcasts of the standard definition channel and thus are given to BendBroadband free of charge by the programmer because we carry the standard definition channel. The majority of HD channels start with the number 6 and 7 and end with the same two digits as the standard definition channel. For example, KOHD standard definition resides on channel 9, the HD channel resides on channel 609.

We also offer seven premium HD channels in our HD Plus package. These channels come at an extra fee and include channels such as Universal HD, NFL RedZone, Palladia and MGM HD. The HD Plus package costs $8.99 and is only available with a subscription to the Preferred package. BendBroadband charges for these channels simply because programmers charge us to carry them. For more information on HD channels, HD Plus and set-top boxes call us at 541-382-5551.

Occasionally, when I am watching an HD channel on my HD TV, the picture does not fill out the entire screen. Why does this happen?

Although a channel may be an HD channel, not necessarily all the programming will be in HD. This is typically the case with commercials. You'll notice that shows that are not in HD have black bars, called pillar bars, on the left and right of the picture. This is a smaller image, made to fit a 4:3 screen. HD picture quality is formatted to fit a 16:9 screen and again will fill out the entire screen on your TV. There may also be times where there will be black bars on all four sides of an image on your HD TV. This occurs when a commercial or a program is shot in what is referred to as letter box and is intended for a 4:3 screen. BendBroadband has no control over the programming on HD channels, so we cannot control the picture size. As technology advances, more channels switch to HD and high definition TVs become more common, programmers will air more programming in the 16:9 size format.

Technical Issues

How do I take advantage of Secondary Audio Programming (SAP)?

Many modern stereo television sets have a feature in their audio equipment that allows the reception of sound other than the main audio for the program. This feature is called Multi-channel Television Sound (MTS). A TV set with MTS can receive mono sound, stereo sound, or Secondary Audio Programs (SAP).

The SAP feature allows a TV station to broadcast other information to the viewer through the audio receiver system. That other information could be the same program audio in another language, or something completely different, such as weather information or Descriptive Video Services (DVS) for the visually impaired.

As an example, ABC regularly provides Spanish audio commentary during "World News Tonight" and "Monday Night Football" as well as other selected sporting events and specials. They do this using the Secondary Audio Program (SAP). Viewers who had the SAP feature turned on could hear the game in Spanish.

Activating or deactivating the SAP is done on most television sets through a menu using the remote control. Every TV set is different, so the best way to do that is to follow the instructions in your owner's manual. But if you don't have the owner's manual that came with your TV anymore, you can still change the settings for the SAP if you have your remote control. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The SAP feature is only on television sets that are stereo. Even if you have a newer model TV, SAP will not be available if your set has mono sound.
  • Before trying to change the SAP, be sure you're controlling your TV set with the remote and not the VCR.
  • Some remote controllers have a button on them labeled "MTS", "SAP", or "Audio Select". Try pressing this button  in succession to cycle through the various audio modes.
  • If there is no button on the remote control, press the "MENU" button to bring up your television's on-screen menu and look for options like "Setup", "Audio Setup", or "Audio" to find the selections available for MTS, or SAP.

If you don't have your remote control or your owner's manual, contact the store where you purchased your television. Many times they can help with obtaining another operation manual or finding a universal remote control that will work with your television.

How come I can hear audio but see no picture on channels 604, 605, 607 and 613?

These channels are broadcast high definition channels that require an HDTV and HD-ready cable set-top box. Standard definition set-top boxes will not display a picture from these broadcast HD channels so customers will see a black screen with the flip bar and be able to hear the audio from these unencrypted broadcast HD channels.

What is an HDMI cable?

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables connect high-definition video sources; in our case they connect a HD set-top box to a HDTV.

I get audio breakup or loss of picture from my HD set-top box when using an HDMI connection, why does this happen?

Loss of audio or video signal from the HDMI connection to set-top boxes and other video devices has been shown to be a common issue in industry-wide reports. This problem seems to be related to the weight of typical HDMI cables relative to the fragile pin composition used in the connection ports. The weight of the cable may create significant enough stress on the connection port to cause the cable to become loose in the fitting or even become entirely dislodged. Recognizing this issue, the industry is now working on improved connections to be deployed in future devices.

What makes HDMI better than other cables?

HDMI provides the clearest, sharpest picture and is the only consumer cable that supports Dolby TrueHD surround sound and DTV Master HD surround sound. HDMI takes the digital signal from the set-top box and transmits the signal to your TV or A/V receiver in digital format. Because HDTVs and A/V receivers are digital devices, no analog conversion takes place. Component video cables require that the digital signal be converted to analog then converted back to digital by the TV. In that conversion, some of the information can become lost which can lead to signal degradation.

I thought that BendBroadband had previously advised against using HDMI cables because the connections were not secure. What's changed?

In the past there was a concern that HDMI cables could easily become disconnected. However a new HDMI cable has been introduced recently that includes a locking device that prevents the cable from accidental disconnections.

Which BendBroadband set-top boxes support HDMI?

The majority of BendBroadband HD set-top boxes support HDMI. Many of our HD set-top boxes are even labeled "HDMI" on the front panel. For more information, visit our Index of Set-top Boxes.

How do I know if my HDTV supports HDMI?

Please refer to the owners manual that came with your TV.


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