I am unable to change channels


This article provides troubleshooting steps in the event that you cannot change channels using your BendBroadband remote control.

Symptom 1

"I cannot change channels by manually entering a two-digit channel number, but three-digit channel numbers seem to work fine."


Since your digital box allows you to access channels numbered over 100, it must be set to recognize one or two-digit channel number entries. To activate this setting:

  1. Go to the "Guide main menu."
    The main menu can be accessed by:
    1. Pressing the MENU button twice on your BendBroadband remote control.
    2. Press the MENU button on your BendBroadband remote control, using the arrow buttons toggle to the "TV Guide main menu" icon (house icon on the far left) and press OK|SEL button.
  2. Toggle through the menu by using the down arrow button until you reach the box labeled "Setup" then press the OK|SEL button.
  3. Highlight the box labeled "Guide Setup" then press "OK|SEL."
  4. Toggle down to the 3rd option that reads "No Auto Tune" then press the left arrow button on your remote. The option in the box should change to read "Auto-Tune."
  5. Press EXIT on your remote and try tuning to a single digit number (e.g. channel 5).

Symptom 2

"When I press any number button on my remote, the numbers do not appear on the screen."


If you press a button, and the set-top box does not appear to have taken the command, this can usually be fixed with the following steps:

  1. Check the batteries in your remote control. If you do not see at least 1 button lighting up on the remote upon pressing the button, then the batteries may be depleted. Change the batteries in your remote control and retest.
  2. Power down your set-top box using the "CBL" button on the remote and then power it back up. If none of the buttons are responding, you may need to power cycle the set-top box by pulling the power cord from the back of the box and then plugging it back in.

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