Manage Recorded TV and storage with Alpha


This article provides a guide for managing your recorded TV, checking your storage capacity, and more.


Intro to Recorded TV

Recorded TV category screen

In the horizontal menu, you'll find the Recorded TV category. All of the recorded shows and shows that are currently recording are listed in the vertical band in alphabetical order. Episodes of a series are grouped into folders; you'll see the individual episodes in the preview panel to the right. To watch a show, select it, and press OK. And if you've already watched half of the show, you can choose whether to resume where you left off or start over from the beginning.

Recorded TV - Layout

Recorded TV layout
  1. Channel Logo
    Displays the channel of the recorded show.
  2. Recorded Show Icons
    Let you know if the show is in danger of deletion or protected against deletion.
  3. Focus
    Displays the channel number, logo and an indication of whether a show is part of a series. Folders that contain multiple episodes in a series also display the number of episodes.
  4. Series Folder
    Episodes of a series are held within a folder listing the number of recorded episodes.
  5. Episodes or Duration
    If the item in focus is a folder containing episodes in a series, focus lists the number of episodes. If it's an individual show, it lists the show's duration.
  6. Information
    With a folder containing episodes in a series in focus, this area shows the current recording options for the series. With a single recorded program in focus, this area shows a summary of the show information.
  7. Series
    Individual episodes in a series are shown in the preview panel. Press the right arrow button and select an episode to see that episode's action menu.


Recorded TV management
  • Play/Start Over - Launches the program full screen from the beginning.
  • Resume - This option only appears if you’ve watched a portion of the program. Launches the program full screen from the point you left off.
  • See all times - Displays all of the times that particular show airs.
  • Delete - Removes the program from Recorded TV.
  • Recording options - Lets you access the recording options menu.
  • Keep Until - Your Alpha Media Player will automatically delete the oldest shows in your Recorded TV folder as you need the room for new recordings. Keep Until lets you set the program to be deleted at the point of your choosing.
  • Lock - Prevents someone from watching the recorded program without a PIN.
  • Record Series - you’ll get this option if you only have a single episode recorded.

Folder Options

Recorded TV folder options

If you bring a folder of episodes into focus and press OK, you’ll see the following options:

  • see all times
  • recording options
  • delete all


Recorded TV options

The Options card appears in the Recorded TV category and lets you set your personal recording preferences. Select the Options card, and you’ll get access to:

Canceled and Deleted

When you chose to record one show over another due to a conflict, (or someone in your household does) sometimes it's hard to remember why that canceled show isn't showing up in Recorded TV. Your Alpha Media Player keeps a list of shows that you have scheduled that will not record as well as shows that did not record.

The shows above focus have not aired yet, while the shows below focus have already aired.

Scheduled to Record

You can confirm that a show is set to record using the Scheduled to Record category. In Scheduled to Record, you can also cancel a recording and access your recording options for each show. Just pick the show you want to manage and press INFO.

Series Options

For details on the Series Options menu, see the “Channels” chapter.

Recording Defaults

Recording Defaults

In Recording Defaults, you can determine your preferences for the following settings, that will then be applied each time you record a show:

  • Keep
  • Episode Limit
  • Accept
  • Close
  • Start
  • Stop

Recording Options

To learn more, visit the Recording Options menu.

Storage Info

Recorded TV storage info

The storage meter lets you know how much space you have left for more recorded programs. It's located in two places in the main menu: the Settings category and the Recorded TV category. Press OK with the Storage Info card in focus to view details.

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