Install your basic set-top box

Basic Set-top Box

Complete the following steps:

Step Directions Connection

Connect the RF (coax) cable from the wall to the CABLE IN / RF IN port on the cable box.

RC (coax) Cable

Select the cable connection option and connect the cable from the cable box to the TV.

Video CableAV CableorRC (coax) Cable

Plug in the power cords of the cable box and TV to the wall outlet.


Install the batteries in the remote control.


Tune your TV to the appropriate channel/input specific to the connection type used in Step 2.

  • When using Composite (Red, White, & Yellow) cables tune your TV to A/V, Video 1, or Input 1 using your TV remote.
  • For Coaxial (cable) tune your TV to Channel 4 using your TV remote.


Program Your Remote.

All steps complete.


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