View Photos on Your Alpha Media Player

Screenshot of alpha media player, hovering over photos category.

From the Photos category, your Alpha Media Player is able to access photos stored in two locations:

  • Publicly-shared photos from Flickr’s online photo service.
  • Photos from any computer connected to your home network. For details on how to access this content, see Home Network.



Screenshot of alpha media player, Flickr option selected from Photos Category

Flickr is a photo sharing community. With our Flickr partnership, you can view photos stored on Flickr from your Alpha Media Player. That means that your friends and family can upload photos to Flickr, and you can view them on your TV, or you can play back your own online Flickr photos.

Adding Photos

To add a Flickr user’s photos:

  1. Go to and sign in to your BendBroadband Alpha account using your BendBroadband or BendCable email address.
  2. Click on TV at the top.
  3. Click on Manage My TV in the upper left hand corner.
  4. Underneath My Apss, select Flickr Photos.
  5. Enter a 'Screen Name' of a the Flickr account you would like to view and click Add. That user’s publicly-shared photos will now appear in your photos application on your Alpha.

View a screenshot of adding your Flickr account to your Alpha.

Flickr has a great feature called Interestingness, which rates photos based on their appeal. If you click “Add Interestingness” from the Flickr page of your account you’ll add a collection of the photos with the highest “Interestingness” ratings to your Photos category.

Flickr Users

Screenshot of alpha media player, Flickr option selected, and a User is selected. To the right of the User appears a list of the User's Sets.

Once you have added a Flickr user to your account, that user will appear in the vertical list of the Photos category, along with Interestingness, if you’ve included it.

When press INFO with a Flickr user selected, you’ll see the following options:

  • open sets - allows you to view that user’s photos by set
  • play slideshow - plays the user’s photos in a full-screen slideshow
  • slideshow music - allows you to change the options for the slideshow music
  • play as mosaic - displays the user’s photos in an easy-to-navigate grid

When you have a Flickr user in focus that has his/her photos organized into sets, those sets will appear in the panel to the right. If you press the right arrow to select a set, you’ll see the same options, only those options apply only to the selected set rather than all of the user’s photos.

Open Sets

Screenshot of alpha media player, Flickr User selected, Set selected resulting in a vertical list on the left side of the screen of all the photos in the set

When you open a user’s sets, you’ll see that user’s sets along the horizontal menu and the photos in each set in the vertical lists. The action menu for each photo will allow you to view the photo full screen or launch a slideshow of the set.



Screenshot of alpha media player. Photo set is selected. A list of options appears on the left, Play Slideshow is highlighted.

Photo’s slideshow functionality makes it fun and easy to browse your photos full screen. Try playing a slideshow in the background at your next party!


Slideshow Navigation

During the slideshow, your photos will advance automatically:

  • Use the left and right arrow buttons to move manually through photos full screen.
  • Use the up and down arrow buttons to change the photo displayed on the flip bar.
  • REWIND and FORWARD speed up and slow down the speed of the slideshow.
  • Pause, play, or stop the slideshow with the player controls.
  • SKIP and NEXT will advance the slideshow forward one photo.
  • BACK and REPLAY will rewind the slideshow one photo.
Screenshot of active slideshow. Horizontal banner appears across bottom of screen with information about current photo.

If you use one of the player controls while watching a slide show, you’ll see the Photos version of the Player Bar.

If you use one of the arrow buttons while watching a slideshow, you’ll see the Photos version of the Flip Bar.


Slideshow Music

Screenshot of alpha media player, slideshow music selected. List of options appears on the left, default playlist is highlighted.

Photo albums are associated with a default music selection.


Mosaic View

Screenshot of alpha media player. All the photos in the selected album are displayed in a mosaic on the screen.

From the action menu of any photo album, you’ll see the option play as mosaic. When you select play as mosaic, your photos will begin alternating between a full-screen display of individual photos and a grid display off all photos in the collection.

Use the arrow buttons to navigate through the grid. When you pause, the photos will again alternate between displaying individual photos and the grid from your new position.

The PAUSE button will toggle between pausing and resuming the mosaic slideshow. PLAY will also resume after a pause.

The STOP button or the MENU button will return you to the main menu with the user or photo set in focus.

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