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This article provides instructions on how to use your Alpha Remote control with your Media Players.


Using Your Remote

Your remote will automatically allow you to control the menu.

Alpha TV Remote Control

Shortcut Buttons

Alpha TV remote contol shortcut buttons
1. DVR
Goes to the Recorded TV category.
4. Live TV
Goes to full-screen, live TV, regardless of what's currently in focus.
2. VOD
Goes to the BendBroadband Alpha Video On Demand category.
3. Grid
Activates the traditional Grid Guide view of TV programming.

Menu Navigation

Alpha TV menu navigation
1. Arrows
Moves the horizontal or vertical bands one card backward or forward one item. Holding them down activates Turbo Mode and increases your browsing speed.
5. Info
Brings up an action menu of options related to the item in focus
2. OK
Begins playing the item in focus or executes an option in an action menu.
6. Zoom
Alternates between full screen and the main menu. Also turns the SuperTicker on and off.
3. Back
Takes a vertical list displaying TV programming back to the previous half hour. Also pages back through an info note.
7. Number Keys
Entering numbers will take you directly to the corresponding channel.
4. Next
Takes a vertical list displaying TV programming forward to the next half hour. Also pages forward through an info note.

Player Controls

Alpha TV player controls

Control your recorded or live program with the following buttons:

1. Menu
From wherever you are, MENU returns you one step at a time toward the top level of the main menu.
6. Fast-Forward
Press up to three times (for three speeds) to fast-forward.
2. Play
Begins playing the TV show or media file in focus. Also allows you to view the show at the point of fast-forwarding or rewinding.
7. Record
Press RECORD while watching a show or with a show in focus to record.
3. Skip
Skips forward in your program the number of seconds that you predefine in settings.
8. Stop
Exits out of a recorded show or stops a recording in progress if you're watching that show full screen.
4. Replay
Rewinds the program seven seconds, so you can check out what you missed.
9. Pause
Pauses the show you are watching.
5. Rewind
Press up to three times (for three speeds) to rewind the show.

Infrared Receiver

Alpha TV infared receiver

When a button on the remote is pressed, the infrared signal is sent to an IR receiver. The receiver then sends commands to electronic components. For the remote to send its signals to the system's IR receiver, it must have a clear view of the front panel (see the figure above).

Subchannel Separator

Many networks broadcast multiple digital subchannels. For example, some networks broadcast four standard definition subchannels identified using a decimal point (such as 09, 09.1, 09.2, and 09.3). When using the arrow buttons to navigate the electronic program guide, these channels appear in order in the channels listing. To access these subchannels directly using the remote buttons, use the “LAST” button (which also has a dot) on the number pad to represent the decimal point.

For example, to go directly to channel 09.2, on the remote control number pad press 0, 9, LAST, and then 2.

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