Self Install your BendBroadband CableCARD


This article provides instructions on how to self install your BendBroadband CableCARD in a retail device.


Follow these steps.




Set up your retail device by following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Once the Manufacturer’s Instructions direct you to Install the CableCARD, write down the serial number from the back of the CableCARD you received.

Back of cable card with arrow pointing to the serial number which is the top number on the card


Insert the CableCARD

Turn off your retail device and insert the CableCARD from BendBroadband into the CableCARD slot on your retail device.

Back of box with various inputs. An arrow points from the cable card to the cable card slot on the back of the box.


Turn On the Device

After the CableCARD is inserted into the retail device, turn on the device.

Note: A software update may begin after the CableCARD has been installed. Software updates typically take up to 30 minutes.


Wait For the Activation Window

Wait for the activation window to appear. The activation window will include several series of numbers. Please write the numbers below. If the activation window does not display after 5-minutes, please call BendBroadband at 541-382-5551.

CableCARD ID __ __ __-__ __ __-__ __ __-__ __ __-__

Host ID __ __ __-__ __ __-__ __ __-__ __ __-__

Data __ __ __-__ __ __-__ __ __-__ __


Complete Your CableCARD Activation

Once all steps have been completed, please call BendBroadband Technical Support at 541-382-5551. A representative will help complete your CableCARD activation.

The representative will need the Serial Number from the back of the CableCARD, the ID numbers from step 5 and the make and model # of your retail device.

Note: Some retail devices will require a page refresh.


Second CableCARD Option

If your retail device requires a second CableCARD, please complete Steps 2–6 with the second CableCARD at this time.

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