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This article contains FAQs about BendBroadband's Alpha Service.


What is Alpha?

Alpha is a state-of-the-art whole-home DVR solution. Alpha delivers multi-room DVR functionality to each of the TVs in your home connected to the Alpha system. The main Alpha unit, known as the Media Gateway, includes a 1TB DVR with six HDTV tuners - which means you can watch or record up to six different channels at the same time. Alpha is also designed to take advantage of the new DLNA platform - Digital Living Network Alliance - making it possible for customers to share and enjoy their digital photos, music and videos via each of the Alpha-connected TVs.

Does Alpha also work with standard definition TVs?

Yes, standard definition TVs will work fine.

What will Alpha cost each month?

The Alpha Media Gateway unit - one per household -- will rent for $13 per month. The accompanying Alpha media players - one of which is needed for each TV not connected to the Alpha Media Gateway - will each rent for $6 per month. Additionally, our standard $4.99 per-household DVR service fee will apply.

Do customers have to have phone, Internet and TV service in order to qualify for the Alpha service?

While it's certainly our preference that customers subscribe to all three services, it's not a requirement. However, it is a requirement that Alpha customers subscribe to both TV and Internet service from BendBroadband.

What is the installation cost for Alpha?

Free Installation includes installation of the Alpha Gateway and up to 5 media players. In cases of non-standard wiring, installation fees may apply if determined by the technician at the time of installation.

I have more questions, what do I need to do to obtain more details about Alpha?

Learn more about Alpha on our site or call our customer service at 541-382-5551.

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