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Your BendBroadband TV subscription includes access to channels that are available online. With TV Everywhere, you can watch television anywhere, anytime from these TV channels, as long as they are part of your BendBroadband TV package. Click the TV Everywhere icon ( TVE ) next to the channel name in the lineup below to access content. Then choose BendBroadband as your TV provider and enter your BendBroadband email address and password.

These networks offer content exclusive to your TV subscription.

Channel Lineup for Bend

We strive to deliver the best channels for our customers.

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TVE = TV Everywhere
L = Limited
S = Starter
F = Freedom
E = Essentials
P = Preferred
V = Bronze: Variety
S = Bronze: Sports
M = Bronze: Movies
D = Bronze: Discovery
+ = HD Plus
S = Premiums: Showtime
H = Premiums: HBO
C = Premiums: Cinemax
Z = Premiums: Starz
SD HD TV Everywhere Channel Limited Starter Freedom Essentials Preferred Add-Ons
4 604 CO4 Visitors Network L S F E P
5 605 KTVZ - NBC L S F E P
6 606 KBNZ - CBS L S F E P
7 607 TVE KOAB - OPB L S F E P
8 608 QVC L S F E P
9 609 TVE KOHD - ABC L S F E P
10 610 KFXO - FOX L S F E P
11 611 COTV L S F E P
12 612 KTVZ - The CW L S F E P
14 TVE KRQE - Telemundo L S F E P
15 615 TVE USA S F E P
16 616 TVE TBS F E P
17 617 TVE TNT F E P
18 618 HSN L S F E P
20 620 TVE Root Sports F E P
21 621 TVE ESPN F E P
22 622 TVE ESPN 2 F E P
23 ACC Network P
24 624 TVE ESPNews S
25 625 TVE ESPN U P
26 626 TVE Big Ten Network P S
28 628 TVE Golf Channel P
30 TVE Stadium College Sports Pacific S
31 TVE Stadium College Sports Central S
32 TVE Stadium College Sports Atlantic S
34 634 TVE Fox Sports 2 P
35 635 TVE Fox Sports 1 F E P
36 636 Tennis Channel P
37 637 Outdoor Channel P
38 TVG Horse Racing S
39 Sportsman Channel S
41 641 CBS Sports Network E
42 642 TVE NFL Network P
43 643 MLB Network P
44 644 Fox Soccer Plus S
45 645 NHL Network P
46 646 TVE PAC-12 National F E P
47 647 TVE PAC-12 Oregon F E P
48 648 TVE SEC Network P
49 649 The Olympic Channel P
50 650 Root Sports Alt
53 653 TVE Weather Channel E P
54 654 TVE CNBC S F E P
55 655 TVE CNN S F E P
56 656 HLN S F E P
57 657 TVE Fox News Channel E P
58 658 TVE Fox Business News E P
59 659 TVE MSNBC S F E P
61 661 TVE C-SPAN L S F E P
62 662 TVE C-SPAN2 L S F E P
65 TV Land E P
66 666 TVE Hallmark Channel S F E P
67 667 TVE Freeform S F E P
68 668 TVE Animal Planet S F E P
71 671 fyi V
72 Game Show Network E
73 RFD - TV V
82 682 TVE Nickelodeon E P
83 TVE Nick Jr. P
84 684 TVE Cartoon Network S F E P
85 Boomerang P
86 686 TVE Disney Junior P
87 687 TVE Disney Channel S F E P
88 688 TVE Disney XD P
89 TVE Nicktoons P
90 TeenNick P
91 Discovery Family D
92 TVE Universal Kids P
93 PBS Kids Network L S F E P
100 Reelz P
101 701 TVE Turner Classic Movies E P
103 703 TVE Hallmark Movies & Mysteries S P
104 FX Movie Channel P
107 TVE STARZ ENCORE Suspense (West) M
108 TVE STARZ ENCORE Action (West) M
109 TVE STARZ ENCORE Westerns (West) M
110 TVE STARZ ENCORE Classic (West) M
111 TVE STARZ ENCORE Black (West) M
120 720 TVE Lifetime Movie Network E P
128 728 NewsNation S F E P
129 729 TVE FXX F E P
130 730 TVE A&E S F E P
131 731 TVE FX S F E P
132 732 TVE Paramount Network E P
133 733 TVE Syfy S F E P
135 735 TVE Comedy Central E P
136 736 TVE E! S F E P
137 737 TVE Bravo S F E P
138 738 TVE Lifetime S F E P
140 740 TVE Oxygen S F E P
142 742 TVE Tru TV S F E P
149 Crime & Investigation V
150 Lifetime Real Women V
155 755 TVE History Channel S F E P
156 756 TVE Discovery Channel S F E P
157 757 TVE National Geographic S F E P
158 758 TVE Science Channel D
159 TVE Investigation Discovery S F E P
160 TVE American Heroes Channel D
161 761 OWN S F E P
162 TVE Discovery Life V
163 TVE Viceland V
164 Military History V
165 National Geographic Wild P
176 776 TVE HGTV S F E P
177 777 TVE Food Network S F E P
178 778 TVE TLC S F E P
179 779 TVE Travel Channel S F E P
180 780 TVE Magnolia Network P
182 782 TVE Cooking Channel V
184 784 TVE Destination America D
185 785 GAC Family P
190 790 TVE CMT E P
191 791 TVE VH1 E P
192 792 TVE MTV E P
194 TVE MTV 2 P
195 TVE NickMusic P
196 TVE MTV Classic P
197 TVE CMT Music P
205 TBN L S F E P
207 EWTN L S F E P
208 BYU - TV L S F E P
218 Local Education/Government L S F E P
219 ODOT Trip Check L S F E P
220 NASA Television L S F E P
295 695 The Daystar National Cable Network
300 308 TVE STARZ (West) Z
301 309 TVE STARZ Edge (West) Z
304 TVE STARZ In Black Z
305 310 TVE STARZ Comedy Z
306 TVE STARZ Cinema Z
307 311 TVE STARZ Kids & Family Z
400 412 TVE Cinemax West
401 413 TVE Moremax West C
402 414 TVE Actionmax West C
403 415 TVE Thrillermax West C
404 416 TVE 5StarMax C
405 417 TVE MovieMAX C
406 418 TVE Outermax C
407 419 TVE MAX Latino C
425 436 TVE HBO West H
426 437 TVE HBO 2 West H
427 438 TVE HBO Family West H
428 439 TVE HBO Signature West H
433 440 TVE HBO Comedy H
434 441 TVE HBO Zone H
435 TVE HBO Latino H
500 512 TVE Showtime West S
501 513 TVE Showtime Too West S
502 514 TVE SHO X BET S
503 515 TVE Showtime Extreme West S
508 TVE Showtime Showcase S
509 S
510 TVE Showtime Women S
511 TVE Showtime Family S
525 529 The Movie Channel West S
526 The Movie Channel 2 West S
530 Movie Channel Xtras West S
553 TVE MotorTrend +
556 MTV Live +
557 TVE NFL RedZone * +
775 OPB Plus L S F E P
901 TVE Hit List S F E P
902 TVE Dance Clubbin' S F E P
903 TVE Eclectic Electronic S F E P
904 TVE Hip Hop S F E P
905 TVE Hip-Hop/R+B S F E P
906 TVE The Chill Lounge S F E P
907 TVE Groove (Disco & Funk) S F E P
908 TVE Classic RNB & Soul S F E P
909 TVE Soul Storm S F E P
910 TVE Gospel S F E P
911 TVE Jammin' S F E P
912 TVE Rock S F E P
913 TVE Heavy Metal S F E P
914 TVE Alternative S F E P
915 TVE Adult Alternative S F E P
916 TVE Rock en Espanol S F E P
917 TVE Classic Rock S F E P
918 TVE Pop Adult S F E P
919 TVE Pop Classics S F E P
920 TVE Alt Rock Classics S F E P
921 TVE Maximum Party S F E P
922 TVE Folk Roots S F E P
923 TVE Bluegrass S F E P
924 TVE Kid's Stuff S F E P
925 TVE Y2K S F E P
926 TVE Nothin' But The 90s S F E P
927 TVE Everything 80s S F E P
928 TVE Flashback 70s S F E P
929 TVE Jukebox Oldies S F E P
930 TVE Hot Country S F E P
931 TVE Alt Country/Americana S F E P
932 TVE No Fences S F E P
933 TVE Country Classics S F E P
934 TVE Christian Pop + Rock S F E P
935 TVE Exitos del Momento S F E P
936 TVE Ritmos Latinos S F E P
937 TVE Retro Latino S F E P
938 TVE Exitos Tropicales S F E P
939 TVE Romance Latino S F E P
940 TVE Holiday Hits S F E P
941 TVE Broadway S F E P
942 TVE The Spa S F E P
943 TVE Smooth Jazz S F E P
944 TVE Jazz Masters S F E P
945 TVE The Blues S F E P
946 TVE Swinging Standards S F E P
947 TVE Easy Listening S F E P
948 TVE Classic Masters S F E P
949 TVE Chamber Music S F E P
950 TVE Jazz Now S F E P
997 997 Pay-Per-View HD L E P
998 Pay-Per-View SD L E P
999 BendBroadband On Demand L E P

Important Notes:

  1. HD channels (excluding the HD Plus tier) are provided free with your subscription to the associated standard-definition channel. You must have a HD ready set-top box or CableCARD-equipped HDTV to view these channels.
  2. HD Plus is only available with subscription to the Preferred package.
  3. Bronze Add-On Packages are genre-based groups of additional cable networks that may be purchased individually with the Starter package or higher. Bronze Sports Tier can be added to Freedom package or higher. Each Bronze Tier also includes the Discovery collection of channels.
  4. Premium channel packages are optional and may be purchased with any TV package.
  5. Access to Video On Demand is available with all digital packages. The amount of free VOD that is included varies depending on the cable TV package you subscribe to.
  6. Starter Package is no longer available for purchase.


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