Streaming TDS TV+

Apps and Games

The TDS TV+ receiver can operate like an Apple TV or Amazon Fire device, streaming content from all your favorite streaming services.

Access Apps & Games from the Home screen or press the grid button on your remote control. The app screen will appear.

At first, the apps on this screen include the video providers you selected when you initially set up your TDS TV+ Receiver (e.g., Netflix) along with standard Google apps. These provider listed below appear in your TDS TV+ Video Provider List and are automatically included when searching or browsing using the menus on TDS TV+. (For more information on your Video Provider List, see User Preferences).

Linked Apps on TDS TV+

The following apps can be linked to your TDS TV+ interface so you won’t need to switch inputs or go to the apps section to find programming.

  • HBO Max (TDS TV+ subscription available)
  • YouTube
  • Showtime Anytime (TDS TV+ subscription available)
  • Netflix (separate subscription required)
  • Vudu – Offers rental of movies and shows online.
  • Starz (TDS TV+ subscription available)

More apps planned for future TDS TV+ updates.

Disable Linked Apps on TDS TV+

To modify which apps appear in your TDS TV+ experience when searching or browsing using the menus.

  1. go to Menu from the home screen
  2. Scroll down to User Preferences
  3. Select My Video Providers and  deselect any apps you would no longer want to appear in TDS TV+ searches.

If you don’t see the apps you selected during setup, or if you skipped that portion of setup, you can always add the apps manually.

Playing Games on your TDS TV+ device

Search the Google Play Store for compatible games that can be played on your TDS TV+ device. Gaming controllers may also be available to use via Bluetooth, but compatibility differs between consoles.

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