Setup and Access Your Voicemail


This article explains how to activate and use your voice mail by dialing your home phone number.


Activating Your Voice Mailbox

From your home phone, dial *62 from your home phone.

  1. If requested, enter your phone number.
  2. Enter your password at the (voicemail wizard) prompt and press the # sign.
    • First time access use the code provided at installation.
    • If you need this code, contact BendBroadband Support at 541-382-5551 to receive a temporary code.
  3. Enter a new password at the (voicemail wizard) prompt followed by the # sign. Minimum of 5 digits.
    • Password must be 5 or more digits.
    • Cannot be repeated digits.
    • Cannot be the last 5 digits of the home phone number.
    • Cannot be a reversed password.
  4. Re-enter your new password at the prompt followed by the # sign.
  5. Record you name and message at the prompts.
  6. Press #.
  7. A Welcome message will play and walk you through initial setup of your voice mailbox.

Access Messages from Home Phone

  1. Lift the handset of your home phone and dial *86.
  2. Follow the instructions and voice prompts.


Access Messages from an Outside Line, a Mobile Phone, or via Long Distance

  1. Call your home phone number.
  2. When the greeting begins, interrupt by pressing the * key.
  3. When prompted, enter your pass code.
  4. Follow the instructions and voice prompts.

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