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This article contains FAQs about BendBroadband Home Phone Service.


How much does it cost to call Hawaii or Alaska?

Calls to Hawaii and Alaska are included with BendBroadband long distance plans.

How much does it cost to make an international call?

International rates vary by country. To learn more, visit the list of rates.

Do I need any extra equipment?

A Multimedia Modem is required for this service and is supplied by BendBroadband. The Multimedia Modem is a device that combines both a cable modem and a telephone connection device that will connect to all the active phone outlets in the house.

How is the service installed?

Your current phone outlets are disconnected from the existing incoming phone lines & connected to a separate house box ("NID") on the outside of the house. The Multimedia Modem is connected to a dedicated cable outlet in the house - no splitters are allowed on this line - and then a line is run to the NID. Phones are connected to jacks throughout the house just as they were before.

What features do you offer?

BendBroadband Phone comes with popular features including:

  • Caller ID with Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening
  • Anonymous Call Block
  • Cancel Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Block Per Call
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Last Call Return
  • Repeat Dialing
  • Speed Dial

Included with all phone plans:

  • Directory Listing - Published
  • Directory Listing - Unpublished
  • Enhanced 911 Service (911)
  • Block 900/976
  • Technical Assistance (611)

Can I keep the same phone number?

You can keep your phone number if the number is active and from a BendBroadband service area. To transfer your current phone number to BendBroadband phone, your installation date will need to be set at least 10 days out, and can only be rescheduled (if necessary) with 72 hours notice.

Will you have to rewire my house?

We will be running a dedicated phone line from the Multimedia Modem to the phone box on the outside of the house. We may need to install a cable jack near the preferred location of the Multimedia Modem, especially if other cables services are in the room, as it must be a "home run" to the incoming cable service. The dedicated lines are required for the phone service to work properly with security alarms and to ensure the best call quality. Our installers will use the best possible path to run this cable and can offer color choices when the cable may be visible. Apart from connecting to the phone box and any extra phone jacks you may request, we will be using existing phone wiring.

Can I check my messages when I'm away from home?

Depending on your plan, messages can be retrieved either by phone - calling from your home phone or to your home phone number - or by email.

How will I be billed?

Your monthly rate will show as a separate item on your BendBroadband bill. All calls billed on a per-minute basis will be reflected in the following month's statement as a single line item.

Will I be able to place 911 calls?

Yes. BendBroadband Phone offers Enhanced 911 which means that emergency personnel will automatically know the location of your home where your BendBroadband Phone service is from the incoming call.

What will happen if there is a cable outage?

If cable is out, phone service will be out. If electricity is out, you phone service may still be available for up to 24 hours as long as you have purchased an optional battery back-up unit. Your phone must also have battery back-up or not rely on electricity in order to function during a power outage. BendBroadband offers battery backup units for sale. For more details, visit

How do I place my order?

A BendBroadband customer care representative will take your information and schedule an install through our normal Bendbroadband system. When they have finished entering your order you will be transferred to an automated Third Party Verification system that will ask you questions about transferring your phone service to BendBroadband. Please be sure to speak clearly and complete this entire call until you receive a verification number, as we will not be able to complete your request unless you do so, under FCC regulations.

What is the difference between BendBroadband Phone and VOIP?

BendBroadband Phone has several advantages over other Internet phone providers.

Dial in the BendBroadband Advantage

  1. Our phone service reserves bandwidth for every call placed over our private BendBroadband network to guarantee the highest call quality. Other providers place phone traffic over the public Internet without any traffic management resulting in poor call quality (dropped calls, no dial tone, congestion, etc.).
  2. The Multimedia Modem installed by BendBroadband at your home provides up to 8 hours of battery back up when a battery backup unit or other Uninterruptable Power Supply is purchased. For this reason, our service is able to support E911 calls when electric power is lost at your home, when others do not.
  3. Our professional installation team will install BendBroadband Phone at your home, test and activate your existing outlets, and ensure phone service is available to all existing phones. There is no need to buy special phones or have your call features limited to one phone as restricted by other providers.
  4. No high-speed Internet connection or credit card is required to use BendBroadband Phone. Bundle all of your services on one bill with one local provider.
  5. Local technical support and customer service from a local company with 50 years of experience.

How Do I Use a Fax Machine with BendBroadband Phone?

If you do not have a dedicated fax line and you want to share your phone line with a fax machine you will need to set your fax machine to manual.

If a fax comes in and you answer it with your phone, you will need to press the pick-up button or start button on the fax machine before you hang up to receive the fax.

There is no charge to send or receive faxes with BendBroadband Phone but if you are a heavy fax user, we recommend you purchase an additional phone line and dedicate it for your fax machine.*

*Long-distance charges may apply for outgoing faxes depending on your phone plan.

Can I use BendBroadband Phone with a medical alert system?

Generally, we have found that compatibility with medical alert systems and their equipment varies widely. We recommend that you contact your medical alert system provider and discuss your specific case. BendBroadband Phone does use a separate piece of equipment (MTA) that connects to your phone and the cable outlet. In some instances, your medical alert device may not be able to send signals through the MTA or the MTA would require a power reset after a commercial power outage. As stated in our terms of service (Additional Terms and Conditions applicable to BendBroadband Phone Services, section c), we do not guarantee that these services will be compatible with our service offering. Therefore, you are solely responsible for your decision to use these devices in conjunction with our service.

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