Troubleshooting Calling Features

Calling Features

I have anonymous call rejection enabled, but I am still receiving out-of-area and unavailable calls.

Anonymous call rejection does not block unknown or out-of-area callers. This feature only blocks callers that have caller ID blocking.

I cannot dial 900 numbers.

Verify that you do not have 900/976 call blocking on your phone by checking the services listed on your bill. If you are having a problem dialing a 900/976 number, call BendBroadband tech support directly at 611.

I am having a problem dialing an international number.

When dialing an international number, it is not necessary to start your dialing with a "1." This is replaced by the "011" code.

I cannot use some features on my phone.

If you hear a fast busy signal when you try using a feature, this means that you do not subscribe to the feature. Please contact us at 611 to add the feature to your telephone services.

I cannot dial out, when I try I hear beeps and clicks.

Check your phone setting and make sure the phone is set to "tone" and not "pulse". For more information, review your phone manufacturer's user guide.

Why do I need to dial area codes for certain local calls?

With the large volume of telephone numbers being used today, many area codes have been split to allow for more telephone numbers to be introduced. These new area codes are associated with routing the call to specific communities and are required to complete the call.


I have no dial tone on my phone.

  • Check to make sure there are no telephones off the hook.
  • Unplug all telephone equipment on that phone line for 5 to 10 minutes and then plug in a single hardwired phone.
  • If you are able to restore dial tone temporarily, call us at 611 for assistance.
  • If you are not able to restore dial tone, use a different phone; or you may call or email BendBroadband technical support.

My phone is not ringing.

Check the volume and ringer controls on your phone to make sure the settings are correct. If the problem persists call us directly at 611.

I am getting short rings on my phone -- no one is there when I answer.

  • If your phone is giving only one short ring, you may have call forwarding activated on your line.
  • To disable call forwarding dial *73.

One of my telephone jacks is not working.

  • Try plugging another telephone into the jack to verify that the problem is not the telephone itself.
  • Check all connections to make sure that all telephones are securely plugged in.
  • If you continue to experience problems with the jack, dial 611 for assistance.

I cannot use my fax machine or modem because my voice mail has a stutter (fast busy) dial tone.

If you are unable to clear the stutter tone by retrieving your messages, try adding commas in front of the phone number you are dialing.

  • Commas tell the equipment to delay before dialing.
  • Try adding 6 to 8 commas to delay the equipment until the stutter/fast dial tone for voice mail goes away.

If my cable goes out, will my phone go out also?

Not necessarily, cable outages can occur for a variety of reasons and those outages may not affect the telephone service.

  • BendBroadband's Network Operations Center constantly monitors the network for potential problems, quickly identifies interruptions in service, and remedies the problem.
  • If the problem is an electrical power outage, BendBroadband provides back-up power so your phone keeps working.

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