Enhanced 911 Service FAQs


This article provides FAQs about the Enhanced 911 (E911) service and how it sends your phone number and location to the emergency services personnel.


Enhanced 911 Service Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key operating tips for E911?

In the event of a power outage, an optional battery backup unit can provide up to eight hours of 911 standby service, or four hours of talk-time protection. Visit bendbroadband.com/battery for information about battery backups.

If you move the modem to another home or address without notifying BendBroadband, your telephone service will send the wrong address to the 911 system.

To ensure your correct address is sent to the 911 system, you must notify BendBroadband at least two days in advance of changing your address.

What is E911?

E911 is the enhanced version of 911 service. When you dial 911, the enhanced service automatically sends your location and phone number to emergency services personnel.

How does E911 work?

There are two important factors associated with E911 telephone service:

  • Powering: In the event of a power outage, your telephone service will continue to operate as usual if you have purchased a battery backup unit from BendBroadband. The battery backup unit will provide up to eight hours of standby service or four hours of talk-time protection.
  • Change of address: The telephone modem that's been professionally installed in your home is programmed to provide your current service address for E911 service. By notifying BendBroadband in advance, we can update your E911 information with your new address. However, it can take up to two business days for your new address to be updated so call us ahead of time.

What is the difference between E911 and basic 911?

E911 - or enhanced 911 - gives BendBroadband the capability to deliver your location and call back number automatically to local 911 emergency services personnel when you need help.

This ensures that every BendBroadband telephone line automatically provides the subscriber's address and telephone number to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). In contrast, basic "911" service does not guarantee that your location and call back number will be provided to local 911 emergency services personnel when you need help.

I used to have phone service with another telephone provider and have not heard anything about E911. Is this specific to BendBroadband?

No. The Federal Communications Commission has asked telephone providers that use modem equipment to share a few important facts about Enhanced 911 (E911). BendBroadband has always provided E911 as a standard feature but this is not the case with every telephone provider.

Should I anticipate any changes in my telephone service?

No. Because your safety is important to us, BendBroadband has provided E911 service as a standard service since we launched our phone service. BendBroadband is committed to maintaining its state-of-the-art network for reliable, clear telephone connections for all of our valued customers.

Where can I learn about the FCC order issued May 2005?

For more information on the FCC order, visit:


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