Description of the lights on your MTA

  •     Power - should be solid. If not, verify that the MTA is plugged directly into a working power outlet.
  •     Online - should be solid.
  •     Telephone 1 or Telephone 2:
    •         Should be solid if the phone(s) are on the hook.
    •         A flashing light indicates a phone is off the hook. Check to make sure all phones are properly hung up.
    •         If the light is off, you will need to reset the MTA.
    •         If the light is flashing very slowly, please chat with us.
  •     Battery 1 or Battery 2:
    •         If your MTA is equipped with two battery slots, only one battery is needed.
    •         One of the battery lights should be solid if the battery is in good condition and connected properly. Your connection should not be affected by the status of the battery lights as long as you have power to the MTA*.
    •         If the battery light is off, make sure the battery is securely connected to the modem.
    •         If the light is flashing, please chat with us.

* If BendBroadband phone service is interrupted as a result of downed cables connecting to your home or any issues with other portions of our network (as can happen in cases of severe storms), the service will not function until those facilities are restored. Depending on the specific facilities impacted, traditional phone providers may be affected in similar ways.

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