High-Speed Internet FAQs


This article contains FAQ's about BendBroadband High-Speed Internet.


Are my speeds and consumption measured in bits or bytes?

Connection speeds are measured in bits per second.
Consumption (Bandwidth) is measured in bytes transferred.


Does BendBroadband provide support to my home devices and PCs?

BendBroadband will provide an Internet connection to your cable modem and will ensure that the signal from our facility to your modem is functioning properly (within normal parameters). BendBroadband offers a Remote PC Support subscription service that allows unlimited support of computers (Windows and MAC) and your home network. For Windows-based computers we can provide comprehensive services to remove unwanted viruses and malware and clean up your machine so it runs much quicker. Services for Macs are more limited. We can also help with connecting and troubleshooting devices to your home Wi- Fi network, including iPads, Android Tablets, smartphones, smart TV, wireless printers, game consoles and digital cameras. Contact our sales team for more info or go to


My Internet connection seems too slow, what might be the cause of this?

Speeds can vary depending on your home network and programs being used on your computer. BendBroadband provides service to the cable modem and cannot control what happens beyond the modem. Home routers, wireless set-ups, your operating systems, and the specifications of your PC can cause your speeds to fluctuate. In addition, websites experiencing heavy traffic could cause slower speeds. If you have home network or wireless devices, try plugging your Ethernet cable directly into your cable modem from your PC. If problems still occur you can contact our technical support department at (541) 382-5551.

BendBroadband offers a speedtest @


Does a wireless router affect my performance speeds?

Wireless routers typically cause a reduction in signal strength or speed. For best results, consider connecting the computer directly to the cable modem.


What is Phishing?

If you receive an email from a web site or company urging you to provide confidential information, such as a password or Social Security number, you might be the target of a phishing scam. If this happens, do not reply to the e-mail. Companies should never ask you to provide personal information via email. BendBroadband specifically will never request any customer sensitive information such as account numbers, credit card information, etc. via email.


Does BendBroadband plan to offer faster Internet upload speeds?

We are actively preparing our network for higher upstream speeds for both business and residential Internet subscribers. Details on timing of deployment, as well as specific changes to our high speed Internet packages, will be released at a future date.

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