Home Networking Troubleshooting


This article provides basic home networking troubleshooting information and provides a link to manufacturer's information.


For more information on your home networking equipment, visit the manufacturer's pages below.

Common Technical Questions

I cannot connect to the Internet with the router, what do I do?

Make sure you have the cables connected correctly. Be sure the modem is disconnected from your computer and connected into the WAN or Internet port of your router. The modem cannot be connected to any other port on the router except the WAN or Internet port. Be sure to use the same cable that connected your modem to your computer when connecting the modem to the router. If you are running a firewall software program, temporarily disable it during the router's setup.

  • Wired connections to the router. If the computer is wired into the router, be sure it is connected from the computer's Ethernet port to one of the numbered ports on the router (1,2,3, or 4). Use a standard Ethernet cable (straight-through not cross-over cable).
  • Wireless connections to the router. If the computer is using a wireless USB adapter to communicate with the router, be sure the USB adapter is fully inserted or plugged into your computer and that the adapter's software (drivers) are installed. If a built-in wireless adapter is being used, please verify that it is turned on or enabled.

If you still do not have an Internet connection do a simple power cycle of the modem and the router. Do the power cycle in the following order: Power down computer, power down router, power down modem. Wait 30 seconds. Then power up modem and wait 30 seconds. Then power up the router. Power up the computer. Check for an Internet connection.

Web browser settings: Is my web browser set up correctly?

If you still do not have an Internet connection on one or more of the computers, do the following.

  1. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections
  2. Under Dial-Up and Virtual Private Network Settings check "Never dial a connection"
  3. Click the LAN Settings button.
  4. Clear all checked settings in this window. Then, open your browser and select the Tools menu. Under Internet Options click on the Connection tab and make sure that "Never dial a connection" is selected.

The software (drivers) for my network card will not install, what should I do?

When installing the Wireless USB adapter, do not plug the adapter into your computer until you have inserted the installation CD and clicked the "Install" tab to go through the installation process. After the software (drivers) have been installed, plug the adapter into your USB slot on your computer to complete the setup.

How do I increase the distance of my wireless network?

Range is fully dependent on environment. Placing the wireless router or access point high and as close to the center of the home as possible, as well as adjusting the angles of the antennas, are two common solutions.

Devices such as cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, baby monitors, and microwave ovens can all affect the signal and distance of the wireless router. When possible, place the router away from these types of devices.

If you experience signal interference, go to the router's setup page and change the channel to 1 or 11 (it is on channel 6 by default). For more information on how to change your router’s channel settings, please refer to the router's manufacturer website.

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