Email Rate Limitation Announcement and FAQs


As part of our ongoing effort to improve customer experience by ensuring email security and deliverability, outgoing BendBroadband email is subject to rate limitations. This page has information regarding our rate limits.


What are rate limitations?

Known as "rate control," the action we are taking is considered a best practice in the industry and will prevent automated spam activity on hacked email accounts. This action also helps to ensure and email addresses will not be "blacklisted" by other ISPs.

These limitations are in line with popular email providers, including Gmail (500 recipients per day and no more than 20 emails per hour) and Yahoo (no more than 500 recipients per day and no more than 99 emails per hour).


How many messages can I send per day?

Our rate limits vary depending upon whether you are sending emails using our Webmail or a mail program on a computer or mobile device.

If you use our Webmail, you can send 100 messages per hour, up to a maximum of 5,000 per day per email address.

If you use an email program, you can send 500 messages per hour, up to a maximum of 5,000 per day.


Will I receive a bounce message if I send more than 100 messages in an hour?

No. Triggering bounce messages for each email over the rate limit would create a massive number of email messages should a spammer attempt to send hundreds of thousands of emails. This technique — creating a message "storm" — is actually a common hacker attack.


Will I receive an error message if I send to more than 500 recipients in a 24-hour period?

Yes. The message will list which addresses were not delivered.


What if I want to send an email to a large list, such as an e-newsletter to my customers or a holiday greeting to all of my family and friends?

For business customers, the best way to send email to a large list of contacts is to use an Email Service Provider (ESP). These are usually cloud-based companies that allow you to upload contact lists, send HTML or text email to them and track whether the email was successfully delivered and opened. Some common ESPs include Constant Contact, Emma, MailChimp, CoolerWeb and Exact Target.

For residential customers, there are a few ways to send your email to more than 100 contacts per hour:

  • Break up your contact list into groups of 100 and send the message to one group per hour.
  • Break up your contact list into groups of 100 and send the message from different email boxes within your account.
  • Use an inexpensive email service provider or cloud delivery service such as MailChimp or CoolerWeb.

We appreciate your patience as we move as quickly as possible to deliver an email experience that is easy and enjoyable. Thank you for your business.

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