Set Up Windows Live 2012 Email


This article provides instructions on how to set up your existing BendBroadband email account using the Microsoft Windows Live Mail 2012 email program.

For Chambers Cable email addresses, you can follow the steps on this page, but use the server settings listed in the Chambers Cable email information page.

Note: You must set up the email account with BendBroadband before setting it up in Microsoft Windows Live Mail 2012. Learn how to add a new BendBroadband user account.


  1. Open Windows Live Mail 2012.
  2. Open your device's email application.
    • Above New Account, click Email.

      Screenshot of upper left portion of screen with arrow pointing to Email icon

  3. On the "Add your email accounts" page, complete all fields and check the "Manually configure server settings" box.
    • Click Next.

      Screenshot of Add your email accounts with fields filled in.

  4. On the "Configure server settings" page, complete all fields as follows:
    • In the dropdown menu under Server type, select IMAP or POP.
    • Incoming Server address:
    • Ports:
      • IMAP: 143
      • POP: 110
    • Outgoing Server Address:
    • Do not select the check box "Requires a secure connection (SSL)" under Incoming
    • In the dropdown menu under Authenticate using, select Clear text
    • Log on user name: Full Email Address
    • Check the “Requires authentication box (SSL)” under Outgoing

      Screenshot of Configure server settings with fields filled in.

  5. Click the Next button.

    Screenshot of confirmation page that says Your email account was added.
  6. Click the Finish button
  7. If you need additional assistance, please contact Technical Support at 541-382-5551

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