Set Up Your Email with Outlook 2013


This article provides instructions on how to set up your existing BendBroadband email account using Outlook 2013 email clients.

For Chambers Cable email addresses, you can follow the steps on this page, but use the server settings listed in the Chambers Cable email information page.

Note: You must set up the email account with BendBroadband before setting it up in Outlook 2013. Learn how to add a new BendBroadband user account.


  1.     Click the File tab at the top leftMicrosoft 2013 File Tab
  2.     Make sure you are in the Info category, then click the Account Settings box, and click Account Settings again in the dropdown menuMicrosoft 2013 Account Information
  3.     Make sure you are on the Email tab, then click NewMicrosoft 2013 E-Mail Accounts
  4.     Select the "Manual setup or additional server types" check box, and then click NextMicrosoft 2013 Auto Account Setup
  5.     Select "POP or IMAP," and then click NextMicrosoft 2013 Choose Service
  6.     On the "Add Account page, complete all fields as follows:
  7.     User Information Section
  8.     Your Name: The name you want to show on outgoing email
  9.     Email Address: Your full email address
  10.     Server Information Section
  11.     Account Type: POP3 or IMAP
  12.     Incoming Mail Server:
  13.     Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP):
  14.     Logon Information Section
  15.     User Name: Your full email address
  16.     Password: The password you login to Webmail with
  17.     Select the box for "Remember password"
  18.     Leave "Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" unchecked
  19.     Select Next at the bottom to finishMicrosoft 2013 POP and IMAP Account Settings
  20.     You will see Outlook test settings and send a test message. You will then see a "You’re all set!" message. Click finish at the bottom to complete setupMicrosoft 2013 Success Message

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