How do I modify my mobile device to get my email messages?

To enable your mobile device to automatically receive your email, you need to adjust server settings.

  • Follow the steps for your program or device to access the area where you need to enter the following settings.
  • Enter one of the following sets of server information (POP or IMAP) depending upon where and how you plan to use your email:
    • Use the same set of information for all devices. For example, use POP on all devices or IMAP on all devices, but not a mix of both.
  • For each group of settings below, use the following Username and Password information when prompted
    • Username: Your full email address
    • Password: Password you use to login to your BendBroadband-based inbox.

Standard POP Email Client Settings

  • POP is the most common way to set up email. It “pops” a copy of the email from the email server to your program or device. It works with most Internet providers.
    • Incoming Server Name:
    • Incoming Port: 110
    • Outgoing Server Name:
    • Outgoing Port: 25

Standard IMAP Email Client Settings

  • IMAP syncs your inbox and folders with the email server. What is marked read or deleted on one device will sync across all devices set up with IMAP.
    • Incoming Server
    • Incoming Port: 143
    • Outgoing Server Name:
    • Outgoing Port: 25

Secure Authentication Settings

  • Specific to outgoing email, use same incoming settings as above. This works best if you travel often or check email most often through your mobile device
    • Option 1
      • Outgoing Server Name: smtp-
      • Outgoing Port: 25
      • Secure Authentication must be checked
    • Option 2
      • Outgoing Server Name:
      • Outgoing Port: 465
      • Transport Layer Security (TLS)* should be checked

*On some devices, TLS may not be an option, in which case checking Secure Socket Layer (SSL) may allow TLS.

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