Account Creation

Set up an Online Account

A BendBroadband Online Account gives you access to your BendBroadband-provided email*, Online Bill Pay, Internet Usage, and TV Everywhere* with just one user name and password combination.

(*Email and TV Everywhere are included with select BendBroadband services and are not applicable to everyone.)

If you have a BendBroadband-provided email address (which ends with,,, or you already have an Online Account. You’ll use that user name and password to log in to your Online Bill Pay, Internet Usage, and TV Everywhere.

If you don’t have a BendBroadband-provided email address, it’s easy to set up your BendBroadband Online Account. Simply navigate to the Secure Login page of (get there by clicking My Account, and then choosing the Online Bill Pay, Webmail, My Email Manager, or Internet Usage subcategory.)

Steps to Set Up Your Account

  1. On the Secure Login page, click the Sign Up button.
BendBroadband secure login
  1. Enter one of the following: email address, phone number, or account number and click Continue.
Register your account
  • To validate your identity, a security code will be sent to the email address or phone number you enter.
    • On the Verify Your Identity screen, you'll be prompted to add your email address or phone number as an account "recovery contact". (A recovery contact allows you to easily reset your account if you are ever unable to sign in.)
    • To add your information as a recovery contact, leave the check box marked. Or, uncheck the box to skip. Click Continue.
    • Enter the security code once you receive it, then click Submit
  • If you use your account number, enter in your PIN, then click Continue
Enter account pin
  1. Next, enter in your First Name, then Last Name. If you already have your own email address you’d like to use as the username for your BendBroadband account, enter it in the Email address Field. Or, you can create a new BendBroadband username by typing what you want your username to be in the BendBroadband User Name field.
Create user

If you use an existing email address as a username, a security code will be sent to that email address for verification. Check your email, and enter in the code you receive, then click Submit.

Enter security code
  1. Then, set your password keeping in mind password requirements: 8 characters minimum length, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and a symbol: !, %, &, @, #, $, ^, *, ?, _, ~. Click continue when you're finished.
  2. Your BendBroadband online account is now set up. You can log in to manage your account, access Online Bill Pay and TV Everywhere (if applicable) with one user name/password combination.

How Can We Help You?

Need just a little more help in the right direction? Type a search in for things like ”Pay My Bill,” or “Email Troubleshooting.”

Did you know?
BendBroadband rewards referrals for both home and business services. Refer a friend and you could get up to $75 each when they become a customer. Refer a business and earn up to a $500 gift card for each business that signs up for a new service or upgrades their current package.

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