What to expect when transferring or moving services.

When transferring or moving your service to a new address, expect a few changes in your billing. Your current account will be disconnected/closed, and a new account will be created at the new address, with a new account number. Any remaining balance or credit from the previous account will be transferred to the new address. If you pay your bill online via your bank, please be sure to update the bill payment information with your new BendBroadband account number.  If you use BendBroadband Online Bill Pay, your online bill pay account will  automatically transfer. 


When your services are transferred to a new address, your first bill at the new address will be similar to your first bill when your services were initially installed. Depending upon the date your services are installed, it can take up to four weeks for your first statement to cycle. When the first statement cycles at the new address, because we bill for services a month in advance it will reflect charges for the first two months of service, plus any balance/credit transferred from the previous account and any installation fees. We do not require that you pay the first month of service when you are transferring service to a new address, but we do recommend doing so, so that you don’t have quite as large of a bill when it cycles.


When your services are disconnected at the previous address, the charges on the disconnected account will be backdated to the billing date for the disconnect. If a statement cycles for this account before the service has been disconnected, you will receive a statement billing you for a full month of service on this account. Once the service has been disconnected at that address, the charges will be back dated to the billing date for the service disconnect – the same date your services are connected at the new address, unless a sooner or later date is requested. Any adjustments for overlapping services (from old to new account) will be made after your transfer is complete, and reflected on the next statement.

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