Deposit FAQs


This article contains FAQs about service and equipment deposits.


Why are deposits required if I offer to pay six months in advance?

After reviewing the fair credit reporting act as well as the equal opportunity act we determined this practice might violate those laws due to discrimination against customers who do not have the ability to pay in advance.

Are there any other options to a credit check?

We understand that credit checks may be a sensitive topic for some customers. Please understand that our credit inquiry does not affect your credit score. Instead, we only reflect on your credit report as an account inquiry. If you still wish to forego a credit check, we will require the highest deposit level for your service and any equipment associated with your account. This will require a deposit on your service as well as any rental equipment.

How is my deposit, (if applicable) determined? Do you see my credit score?

The credit verification system we use considers your credit history and links that to a rating we use to determine your deposit based on the services and equipment chosen. At no time do our employees have access to your credit score.

Why is my deposit refund less than the amount I paid?

When your account is closed, the full amount of your deposit is applied to the balance on your account. If you had a remaining balance for service provided or unreturned equipment, this will be subtracted from the deposit amount, and the remaining credit balance will be the amount of your refund.

When can I get my deposit back?

After six months of on-time payment history, the deposit paid at the time your services were initiated, is automatically credited to your account in the seventh month of service. Once you have six months of on-time payment history, you can upgrade services without an additional deposit being required.

On-time payment history is defined as no late payments for six consecutive calendar months. Any late payment activity with the six-month period, resets the good-payment history timeframe.

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