What to expect on your bill when you are making a change

When making a change to your service, you can expect to see prorated charges for the service being added and prorated credits for the service being removed on your next statement.


For example, if a customer is billed from the eighth day of each month to the seventh day of the next month, their statement will cycle on the first day of each month, billing for a full month of their current services. If this customer changes their programming package from the Essentials package to the Preferred package on fifteenth day of the current month, their current statement will reflect charges for a full month of the Essentials package, as that is what was subscribed to at the time the statement cycled. On their next statement they will see a prorated credit for the Essentials package from the seventh of that month back to the fifteenth of the previous month, and a charge for the Preferred package from the fifteenth of the previous month to the seventh of the current month.

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