Read Your Bill


Review this article to better understand your BendBroadband monthly billing statement.


Monthly Billing Statement. Important items are highlighted and numbered 1 through 7.
Monthly billing statement page 2 with important information highlighted and labeled 1 through 8.

Page 1

  1. Use your account number any time you call BendBroadband or when you sign up for an online account
  2. The balance on your previous BendBroadband bill
  3. Payments made since your previous bill
  4. New charges on this bill
  5. Pay before/on this date to avoid late fees
  6. Your new total balance
  7. Send payments to this address

Page 2

  1. Payment history and carryover balance
  2. Itemized monthly charges
  3. Itemized list of calls placed from your account (not included in your call plan)
  4. Itemized pay-per-view/on-demand charges
  5. Itemized additional charges and credits
  6. Itemized local and state taxes and fees
  7. Pay before/on this date to avoid late fees
  8. New total balance

The payment coupon on your bill statement is pre-printed with the payment address. If you are paying your BendBroadband bills through your bank’s online bill payment system, please make sure the address reflects the payment address reflected on your bill.

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