Billing FAQs


This article contains FAQs about Billing.


How are services billed?

BendBroadband bills all customers in advance for the normal monthly service charges; whereas usage-based charges, such as video on demand and pay per view, long distance and directory assistance calls, and Internet usage charges will be reflected in the next bill you receive.

I removed/downgraded my service and I am being billed for a full month of the service I removed?

Because we bill for services a month in advance, when your statement cycles, your monthly charges will reflect the services you subscribed to at the time the statement cycles. Any changes, or transactions made after the statement cycles, will be reflected with the new charges on your next statement.

I am on auto pay and downgrade my service - will I be billed for the adjusted balance?

When your account is set up on automatic payment, the amount that is scheduled to be debited each month will be the current statement balance. If you make a change to your services after the statement has cycled, your new charges will be reflected on your next statement and your debit/credit card or checking account will be debited for this balance on the scheduled date.

Why isn't my payment reflected on my statement?

If your payment was posted to your account after the date your current statement cycled, it will not be reflected on your statement. This payment will be reflected when your next statement cycles. In order to make sure that your payment is reflected as paid on time each month, please mail the payment in time for it to be posted on the due date printed on your statement.

If you find that you have difficulty making your payment by your due date, we can change your due date, we can change this for you by changing your billing cycle. Please call customer care at 541-382-5551

When is my account eligible to be interrupted for non-payment?

Your account is eligible to be interrupted for non-payment when any part of your balance is 45 days past due.

How can I change my due date?

We would be happy to change the due date for your billing statement. In order to make this change, we will need to change the dates your services are billed to and from each month. This change will become effective the next time your statement cycles on the current billing cycle, billing you from the beginning of the current billing cycle to the day prior to the beginning of the new billing cycle. You will then receive a statement billing you for a full month of service on your new billing cycle. Please call customer care at 541-382-5551 to request this change, and the representative will explain this in further detail.

I paid for my modem/installation charge when the technician came out, why am I being charged for it again?

Any transaction associated with your account, including payments, adjustments, monthly charges, one time purchases, or installation fees will be reflected on your next billing statement. You will see the payment made at the time your services were installed reflected on your first statement as well.

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