Disconnecting FAQs


This article contains FAQs about disconnecting your service.


Can I disconnect my services online?

In order to disconnect one, or all of your services, please call our customer care team at 541-382-5551.

Will the price of my other services change if I cancel one service?

The price of your digital cable TV service will remain the same whether combined with another service or alone. The price of your Internet or phone service will go up $10.00 if not combined with another service.

Will my bill be prorated if my services are disconnected?

Yes. You will be billed only for the partial month of services used prior to the disconnection. For example, if your billing cycle runs from the first of the month to the end of the month, then you will not be billed for the entire month if you disconnected before the end of the month. If your statement cycles before the disconnection is completed, your statement will reflect charges for the full month of service in advance, but when the disconnect order is completed, the billing will be backdated to the date the disconnection was requested.

Will my bill be prorated if my services are interrupted for nonpayment?

Yes. If your services are interrupted for nonpayment, when your services are restored, the billing will be backdated to the date your services were initially interrupted. If the interruption results in a physical disconnection of service, the monthly charges will be backdated to the date your services were originally interrupted.

Can I still dial 911 if my phone service is disconnected for nonpayment?

Yes, if your phone service is disconnected, you will still be able to dial 911 and BendBroadband for customer service/technical support.

How can I return equipment I am renting from BendBroadband?

You can return your rental equipment to our office at 63090 Sherman Road in Bend Oregon, 97701. If you are unable to return the equipment yourself, you can authorize someone else to do so for you. You can also make your return by mail. Simply contact us to request shipping materials you can use to return your equipment.

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