Account Users

Add or Remove Administrator Rights


About Administrative Rights

Users with Administrative rights on an account (account administrators) have certain privileges other account users do not have. They can access Online Bill Pay and manage other users on the account (add/remove/change users).

The first user who creates a BendBroadband Online Account is assigned administrative rights and therefore becomes the account administrator. That user can then add additional users and assign either administrator or non-administrator rights, depending on the level off account access they want the user to have.

Non-administrators are only able to make changes to their user name. They do not have access to Online Bill Pay.

Are you an Account Administrator?

To find out, log in to your BendBroadband Online Account. Then, look in the Manage Account menu. “Manage Users” will be listed in the menu if are an Account Administrator.

Manage Users

Add/Remove Administrative Rights

*Only Account Administrators can modify other user’s account rights.*

Take note: Automatic notifications of account changes are NOT sent to the users on your account. Therefore, you may want to communicate the changes you are making to the specific users.

  1. Log in to My Account, click Manage users in the menu to see all users on your account.
Manage Users
  1. Next to the user name you want to change the administrator rights to, click edit.
Manage Users
  1. In the Account Settings section, select Yes or No next to the “Make this user an Administrator” statement and then click Save Changes.
Account Settings

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