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Busy schedules? Conflicting TV tastes? Sound familiar?
Alpha makes sure everyone can watch their favorite shows when they want.

Never Miss A Moment

Say goodbye to recording and TV disputes

Alpha powers you to record up to 6 channels simultaneously. With that many options, nobody will ever miss another show, and you can build a library of everybody’s favorite TV to watch when they want.

Flexibility to choose where you watch

Alpha recordings aren’t tied to one television as with traditional DVRs, so you can choose to watch on any TV in your home. You can even start watching in one room, and move to another.

Ultimate control
wherever you are

Unexpectedly delayed? Forgot to record your show? Not a problem. With Alpha you can manage your recordings remotely from your iPhone, iPad or Web browser. Perfect for life’s unpredictable moments.

Special offer:
Free Alpha Gateway for 12 months

Save $156 on your first year’s rental of the Alpha Gateway (normally $13/mo.) Media Players for additional televisions cost $6/mo.


Please note that Alpha customers are required to subscribe to BendBroadband Internet and TV service, and rent a modem at $10/mo.


Complete the form to get started, and we’ll be in touch, or call us at
541-668-6228, or Live Chat.

The Equipment

The Gateway hosts all your BendBroadband video services, and acts as the hub of the Alpha whole-home DVR system.

Small, easy to hide Media Players connect the other TVs in your home.

Get Started Today

A $5.99 per household DVR service fee is applied to any household with one or more DVR set-top boxes.

Record Six Shows
At Once

Put an end to disagreements over what to watch.

Watch your shows
in any room

Choose where to watch, with content not tied to one TV

Record your shows remotely

Manage recordings on the go, from your iPhone, or iPad


Build a library of your favorite shows with 1 TB of storage space

Frequently Asked Questions

Free Installation includes installation of the Alpha Set-Top Box DVR, wireless gateway, and up to 5 media players. In cases of non-standard wiring, installation fees may apply if determined by the technician at the time of installation.

Alpha customers must have both Internet and TV service with BendBroadband.

Each Player comes with a standard Alpha remote.

Alpha can be controlled from your iPhone, iPad and Web browser. With the Alpha Mobile app you can scroll the program guide wherever you are and manage your recordings remotely. You can even use the Alpha Mobile app as a remote control.

Still have questions? Give us a call 541-668-6228.

Alpha functionality requires a Gateway set-top-box, a media player for each additional TV, and an advanced cable modem. Free 12-month trial offer includes the rental of the Alpha Gateway. Media players for additional TVs are $6 each. Advanced cable modem costs $9.99 per month. $5.99 DVR Service fee applies. Standard fees apply at the end of the promotional period. Free Installation includes installation of the Alpha Gateway and up to 5 media players. In a case of non-standard wiring, installation fees may apply if determined by the technician at the time of installation. Alpha requires customer to subscribe to qualifying Internet and TV service. Other conditions may apply.