Brota Property Management Group

Brota Property Management Group

The Customer

Brota Property Management Group is a premiere property management company that focuses on investor clients in central Oregon. Husband and wife team Aaron and Sarah Brown operate BPMG with the benefit of over 30 years’ combined business management experience. Built upon a foundation of trust, integrity, and transparency, it’s no wonder that clients call BPMG home.

The Challenge

Timely and clear communication is essential to BPMG’s business. With face-to-face meetings more challenging with the rise of COVID, they needed internet and voice service that allowed the flexibility to communicate remotely with clients. Not only that, it needed to be reliable—no dropped calls or video breaking up.

BendBroadband was always their first option for a solution. Having lived in Bend his whole life, Aaron was familiar with BendBroadband and viewed it as the top rung of the ladder on Internet service.

The Solution

BendBroadband implemented High-Speed Internet 100M/20M, delivering the stable, fast speeds with no downtime that BPMG requires. The Star Business Line provides crystal clear calls—and being able to forward office lines to their cell phones is a huge help in the current hybrid workplace.

BPMG is also pleased with the support it has received, and appreciates the reliability, dependability, and customer service that BendBroadband has provided from the very beginning.

The Biggest Difference

Getting reliable Internet service with a phone system that can be accessed from anywhere at any time has been tremendous. Plus, Aaron and Sarah enjoy the flexibility to work remotely more often instead of having to be stuck in an office.

The Results

Thanks to BendBroadband, having a variety of reliable options for communicating with clients—from video to voice to email—has created a whole new blueprint for success.

Having investor clients, when they want something done, they want it done right away. I need to know that my connection’s going to be there. Reliability for sure is here with BendBroadband.

— Aaron Brown, Owner Brota Property Management Group

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