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Our ultra-reliable business Internet and phone services can be the foundation of your business' IT. High-speed Internet connections deliver the bandwidth and security you need for sensitive financial transactions, data transfers and even remote servers. Our advanced multi-line phone systems feature voicemail, hold music, call forwarding and more. Our custom office network solutions can give you the flexibility and stability you need to run an efficient business.


We've built an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable data infrastructure in Central Oregon. With cable Internet speeds up to 600 Mbps and fiber speeds up to 1 Gbps, we have the connection to meet your business needs.


Crystal-clear, reliable communication with advanced features like call waiting, voicemail and multiple lines ensure you'll never miss a customer's call.



With straightforward pricing and no unexpected fees, managedIP Hosted, powered by TDS, is a robust VoIP solution that pays for itself.



With hundreds of high-definition channels and packages for sports fans, music lovers and news buffs, we have the video package to keep your customers engaged, entertained and captivated.


We've been a part of Central Oregon since 1955. Our installation, billing and tech support teams are all local.


Our network was built for ultimate reliability. With hundreds of miles of fiber and cable laid out along redundant routes, you can rest assured that our service will be there when you need it.

24/7 Support

Our tech support teams are available 24/7, giving you piece of mind you need to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Internet Tools for Small Business

Social media, SEO and search marketing can be daunting for small businesses. That's why BendBroadband Director of Business Marketing Stephanie Senner created this presentation to clear it all up.

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Local title company needs a stable technology partner who will be here today. And tomorrow.

In order to keep the title and escrow process moving efficiently, Deschutes County Title wanted a stable, reliable technology partner. They needed someone who would be around in the years to come when they needed service or had a question. However, as is often the case in the telco industry, the company they were working with frequently changed ownership which, in turn, meant new customer service representatives again and again. As a result, it was hard to maintain a relationship. What’s more, reliability was sub-par and costs were too high.

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