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Give your guests more entertainment options and they'll stay longer, order more and be happier. BendBroadband Business offers a full range of cable TV packages—including sports networks, news channels and more—to keep your guests entertained. We also offer ultra-fast Internet connections so you can deliver high-speed Wi-Fi to your guests. Finally, our full-featured phone service can give you multiple lines, hold music, voicemail and more.

Guests were pleading for Wi-Fi and we barely had enough bandwidth for our own operations. BendBroadband looked at our situation and installed a point-to-point data link that delivered both.

- Mt. Bachelor


We've built an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable data infrastructure in Central Oregon. With cable Internet speeds up to 600 Mbps and fiber speeds up to 1 Gbps, we can deliver a robust connection so you can deliver high-speed Wi-Fi for your guests.


Crystal-clear, reliable communication with advanced features like call waiting, voicemail and multiple lines ensure you'll never miss a call.


With straightforward pricing and no unexpected fees, managedIP Hosted, powered by TDS, is a robust VoIP solution that pays for itself.


With hundreds of high-definition channels and packages for sports fans, music lovers and news buffs, we have the video package to keep your guests engaged, entertained and captivated.


We've been a part of Central Oregon since 1955. Our installation, billing and tech support teams are all local.


Our network was built for ultimate reliability. With hundreds of miles of fiber and cable laid out along redundant routes, you can rest assured that our service will be there when you need it.

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Our tech support teams are available 24/7, giving you piece of mind you need to focus on what matters most: your patients.

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10 Barrel needed an I.T. partner who could keep them connected, with zero down time. Someone who’d go above-and-beyond when necessary.

With two locations (a brewery and a pub), 10 Barrel Brewing needed an I.T. partner who could deliver a solid phone system, high-speed Internet and HD video for their flat screens. So they chose BendBroadband and haven’t looked back since.

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