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BendBroadband has built one of the most advanced data networks in Central Oregon. Based on a 150-mile backbone of high-speed fiber, our network delivers ultra-fast, ultra-reliable Internet connections. We know speed, reliability and security are critical to your business. We also know flexibility and adaptability is key to growth and success.

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Our highly trained technical support staff is here to help, 24/7. We're available via phone or email, anytime of the day.



Each business Internet package includes full-featured email accounts, accessible via the web or your favorite email client.


Business Wi-Fi, Remote Device Support and Internet Security are also available. Click for more information.

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BendBroadband teams with WebCyclery — in their shop and on the road.

WebCyclery is a local bike shop that’s been in business for 13 years. But until partnering with BendBroadband, they were having a hard time finding someone who could handle all their IT needs. What made their situation uniquely challenging was that, while a good deal of their business is handled in their physical store location in Bend, nearly half their customers are online. So finding a reliable Internet solutions provider was critical to maintaining a healthy bottom line.

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